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Medium sized camera housing. Suitable for cameras with zoom lenses. Fitted with self-parking wiper and screen de-mister.

  • Aluminium construction
  • IP65
  • 24vac standard
  • Self-parking wiper
  • Screen heater/de-mister
  • Custom options available

ITS Products designs and manufactures all of its products in the United Kingdom. We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements if our standard format does not meet your exact needs.

EH3/w Downloads

Datasheet EH4/w and EH3/w Datasheet
Manual EH Series Housings
Drawing EH3-W Drawing

Category: Wipered Camera Housings
Tag: CNI

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    The wiper has three connections, 0v, permanent power and switched power. Traditionally a relay output from a telemetry receiver would control the switched/permanent power and allow the wiper to be activated, complete a wiper cycle and return to a park position. More recently we have supplied customers with a wiper trigger module designed to connect to an IP camera alarm output. Simply connecting this module (which is designed to be fitted neatly inside the camera housing base) allows the same control via the VMS system. Please contact our sales department for more details.
    Tags: housing, wiper

    The 12/24v heater is 6watts and typically draws 300mA. As we use a PTC heater it will draw more current when it requires it and less when it doesn’t. This is more energy efficient of course.


    All our products are designed by us on Solidworks 3D CAD software. We can provide you with simple PDF line drawings (some available on the site already) or any number of other formats including DXF, DWG, eDrawing etc.

    Email with your requirements and we will see how we can help.

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