CMD3 camera in a room corner

High Security Cameras

The CMD3 range of IP and analogue cameras were designed for the most demanding on installations. In custody and remand centres not only does the camera have to be protected from attack but it also has to be safe from the room occupant’s perspective.

Secure Room Observation System

An innovative product aimed at secure mental health, custody, immigration or any application where a digital window into a room can protect staff from physical attack from the room occupant.

 WA5 Washer


Protecting your picture quality all through the year. Spending thousands of pounds on state-of-the-art cameras and lenses can be immediately undone by a dirty environment. Using a screen washer in industrial environments is especially important as it allows the screen to be kept clean regardless of what dirt deposits the rain might leave. The WA series of washers are compatible with camera housing and vandal resistant domes.

ITS-S-EHC vandal resistant housing

Accessories for Canon Domes

A growing range of accessories and adaptors for the Canon HD dome series and miniature box camera. This collection of products form an essential offering for customers working in diverse applications as custody, immigration, health, process control and public space.


Time-Lapse Photography Accessories

Camera housings and accessories for time-lapse photography. Everything you would need for a professional digital time-lapse installation.