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The EH-TL is designed specifically for time-lapse photography applications. In the standard format the housing has a sunshield that finishes flush with the front of the camera housing allowing for an unobstructed wide angle view. With the addition of the EH-TL-COWL it is possible to maintain that wide angle of view and protect the camera image from direct sunshine.

Available with either a low voltage or mains voltage heater / screen demister the EH-TL is the perfect solution for long-term time-lapse solutions regardless of the season.

ITS Products designs and manufactures all of its products in the United Kingdom. We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements if our standard format does not meet your exact needs.

EH-TL Downloads

Manual EH-TL Manual / User Guide
Drawing EH-TL Drawing

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    The 12/24v heater is 6watts and typically draws 300mA. As we use a PTC heater it will draw more current when it requires it and less when it doesn’t. This is more energy efficient of course.

    If you are new to time-lapse then Canon have provided some really handy information here for you.


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    Clearly you want the camera to remain facing the same way as you originally set it up. Consider that the camera housing can create a significant surface area for wind to blow it so mounting it on top of a scaffold pole and expecting it to remain still is a little optimistic.

    Each install is going to present different challenges but you can’t go over the top on the rigidity of the mount regardless of whether you are using a welded bracelet or a collection of UniStrut.

    We do offer a stainless steel swivel mount if you need to achieve a degree of pan and tilt adjustment once the mounting bracket is in place. A drawing is available here…

    SW/S Swivel Mount Drawing

    For pricing information email


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