Product Design & Integration

ITS Products designs and manufactures all our products in the United Kingdom. We are able to offer our design and manufacturing capability and experience to our customers to help them with all kinds of challenges. This might be a site or application specific problem or could be that missing piece of the puzzle that would make your life so much easier on an on-going basis.

We can either offer one-off solutions or white box/OEM products if that is what you are looking for. At the heart of our business is one of the world’s most powerful design packages, Solidworks. This enables us to share the design process from concept through to photorealistic images with our customers so that they can evolve their thoughts into reality.

Pre-Build / Pre-Assembly Services

The growth of technology in the CCTV market has led to new and unique challenges for CCTV integrators. Having teams of engineering staff capable of building systems prior to installation is extremely expensive as not only do these employees have to be accounted for but they also have to undergo regular training to keep up with market developments. After decades of technical stability in our market a modern CCTV (or VSS) system may include IP, mega-pixel, high-definition, fibre, remote access, access control, active detection, video analytics, ANPR all on one platform.

ITS products has a team of engineers with design and implementation skills that can work from a simple system specification to an full bill of materials and complete a working system including factory acceptance testing (FAT) ready for delivery to a client’s site.

Having control over your costs is essential and using ITS’s pre-build service is exactly the peace of mind you are looking for. You know when you use us the solution that you have delivered will work to your needs.

We work with most of the mainstream manufacturers and therefore can offer design support throughout the project all the way through to installation and documentation.

Contact our sales or technical teams for further information.