New Compact Camera Housing for Canon Cameras


The phrase good things come in small packages is well known to all of us and the Canon VB-S900F and VB-S905F miniature box cameras are certainly evidence of that. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the cameras’ form certainly belies their powerful performance. However, when fitting these cameras into any currently available on the market the cameras are dwarfed by enclosures designed for far bigger products. All that has changed.

ITS Products has expanded its range of accessories for Canon cameras to include the ITS-S-EHC, a vandal-resistant external enclosure specifically for the Canon VB-S900 and VB-S905.

Designing an enclosure for a camera is not as simple as wrapping the unit up in a box and wishing the product well. ITS Products spent a lot of time evaluating the performance of the camera and ensuring that none of its features would be compromised when it was fitted in the enclosure. Where could it be installed? What challenges would it meet? Finally, the role of the installer has to be considered. Speed and ease of installation are critical in any application. What looks great on a CAD screen may be a nightmare to install and this had to be fully appraised with feedback from installers and contractors.

The ITS-S-EHC is manufactured from stainless steel. It’s ready to survive atmospheres that would see standard camera enclosures corrode in a short period of time. Whether it’s saline coastal conditions or fumes from a petrol forecourt the ITS-S-EHC is up to the task. Of course being made from stainless steel makes it tough. Combined with a thick polycarbonate screen the housing achieves IK10 vandal resistance.

The camera is also protected from the weather outside with an IP66 environmental rating. If you want to add a bit more protection from the elements there is an optional PoE heater which can prevent screen-misting or in extreme weather applications keep the camera within its operating parameters.

Available exclusively from Canon resellers the ITS-S-EHC is officially launched January 2016.