Recess Mounting Kit for Canon VB Series Mini-Domes


Recess mounting kit showing Canon dome in place

A common challenge for installers and property managers is balancing the need to fit CCTV cameras in areas where they can function to the maximum but have minimal visual impact.

A classic example is a hotel corridor. Guests want to wander along to their rooms knowing that they and their property are safe but at the same time not wanting to think they are walking along a prison landing with cameras leaping out at them. Similarly, architects and interior designers work tirelessly on delivering an environment that is attractive to all, so fitting an industrial grey camera on a ceiling can be considered similar to drawing a pair of spectacles on the Mona Lisa in their eyes.

The Canon VB series of domes immediately offers an advantage over competitors by being incredibly small, especially when you consider the performance they deliver. Making them blend into their environment even further is now achievable thanks to the ITS Products recess mounting kit (ITS-S-RK).

The simple design allows the installer to fit the kit into a variety of ceiling materials using either fixing screws or the clamping wings. Once secured, the Canon dome is fitted into place. Finally, an attractive curved cover fits over the whole assembly giving a simple aesthetic with only the camera bubble now visible (less than 50mm in diameter).

The cover is held in place using magnets so making the whole installation an extremely quick and cost effective-process.

As standard, the cover is manufactured with a matt white powder-coat finish suitable for painting on site to match its environment. Alternatively, we are able to supply the cover in a variety of RAL colours to meet customer requirements.

Exclusively from Canon resellers, the ITS-S-RK recess mounting kit is available now. Details are available on our website.