FAQ Category: CCTV Washer Series - General

General questions regarding the use and application of the WA series washers.

Using the WA series with the Panasonic AeroPTZ (WV-SUD638)

ITS Products Limited has developed a version of the WA10 washer specifically for use with the Panasonic AeroPTZ (WV-SUD638). The washer has been been adapted to simplify the physical and electrical integration between the dome and the washer. A copy of the manual for the washer will be available in the […]

Can I get a CAD drawing?

Yes. All our products are designed by us on Solidworks 3D CAD software. We can provide you with simple PDF line drawings (some available on the site already) or any number of other formats including DXF, DWG, eDrawing etc. Email sales@its-products.co.uk with your requirements and we will see how we […]