CMD3 now available in analogue high-definition (AHD)

ITS Products Limited announce the release of an addition to their range of anti-ligature high-security cameras.

The new model, the CMD3-AHD, is the company’s first camera to feature analogue high definition and joins the existing IP and analogue models to complete a comprehensive offering. The three cameras are aimed at end-users in establishments that have the challenging task of balancing security with duty of care to detainees or patients.

The CMD3-AHD delivers exceptional images at up to 1920x1080p resolution. The unit includes covert infrared illumination to ensure that it can capture pictures regardless of room lighting conditions.

‘We always listen to what our customers and end-users are telling us’ said director Martin McCarthy. ‘AHD was beginning to feature more and more in the high-security market with our UK and overseas clients. We felt the time was right to introduce an analogue high-definition camera to complete our product range. These cameras are installed at sites where there can be many stakeholders including regulatory bodies, independent inspectors and staff representatives as well as the more traditional user. It’s critical that the products should address everyone’s needs and concerns.’

The CMD3-AHD will benefit customers wishing to move to high-definition video but for whom re-cabling is not an option whatever the reason. High-security facilities such as police custody suites or secure mental health hospitals simply cannot have new cabling infrastructure fitted in many instances either because of the risk inherent with possible behaviour of occupants or due to the fabric of the building and estate. This can frustrate installers as there is always a demand to increase video quality in any market. AHD avoids risks associated with cabling disruption and allows high-definition images to be recorded.

Six screws allow the camera to be quickly removed

As with the rest of the CMD3 range, the camera is built to blend into corners so ensuring it can capture the maximum area in the room. This is something a traditional CCTV dome cannot achieve. The design minimises ligature points and is highly resistant to malicious attack. The unique CMD3 solutions can be found in some of the most challenging environments around the world. Custodial and healthcare professionals fully understand the seriousness of the daily challenges they face and know that the ITS Products range can solve many of these demands while at the same time not introducing new hazards.