COVID 19 Business Impact

Updated March 18th 2020

The global impact of the Covid 19 virus is something that has seen all our business and personal activities change dramatically since the beginning of the year, and is set to do so for some time into 2020.

We had robust and up-to-date disaster recovery plans in place and these have been appropriate for most of the areas impacted by the disruptions. Our staff are able to self-isolate where applicable and work in shifts to minimise contact. Therefore as at today we have not seen any significant changes to our business operations and our level of customer service.

We have exclusively moved meetings to video and telephone conferencing and will continue with this for the foreseeable future.

We have increased component stock at our assembly facilities and our suppliers currently do not have shortages so we can continue to maintain deliveries and shipments as normal.

It is possible that over the coming days we will see a further increase in restrictions to travel at which time we will further assess the situation.

Most importantly we want to wish all of customers, suppliers, staff and friends all the best in these extraordinary times. Your health and well-being is upper most in our thoughts and it’s at times like these we realise what a pretty cool bunch you all are.