Time-Lapse Photography Accessories

Time-lapse photography, using SLR cameras, is a fantastic way to show the world around us change. There are an endless amount of applications that can see time-lapse cameras installed for days (a stadium filling and emptying) to years (a building being demolished and a new construction taking its place). The results are hypnotic. ITS Products has years of experience in the design and manufacture of camera enclosures for the CCTV market.

This expertise has seen us work in time-lapse photography market as many of the challenges are the same.

Space for SLR Camera, Lens and Accessories

We see all kinds of kit being shoe-horned into our camera housing. The camera and lens is about the only thing that remains a constant. Having enough space to be able to fit power supplies, capture devices, hard drives etc is essential for an installation you want done your way.

Stable Mounting

The one thing you don’t want is a the camera housing flexing. We have manufactured our camera housing with a wide mounting base with re-inforced aluminium giving strength and stability to the installation.

Unrestricted Angle of View

The traditional CCTV camera housing has always been manufactured with a sun peak. That is great for narrower angles of view but time-lapse photography often requires wide views sometimes in excess of 90 degrees. The standard camera housings comes with a special visor that offers a totally unrestricted angle of view. If you need protection from the sunlight then look at our optional visor extension that maintains the angle of view but protects the camera from the glaring sun.

Misty Mornings

You know when you get in your car in the morning and the have to turn on the heater to clear the screen before you can (safely) drive? Well a camera housing is not much different to your car – its a metal box with some glass at the front. To help you keep your screen clear of mist especially in the spring and autumn we offer an optional screen de-mister that creates a warm air flow over the glass screen.

Environmental Protection

The camera housing is going outside so it has got to be resistant to the weather. The camera housing is rated to IP66 thanks to its closed cell seal and compression latches.

Lock It, Don’t Loose It

Most time-lapse cameras are mounted high up because of the nature of the work and therefore it’s unlikely that someone will climb up to take your camera ready for a quick eBay sale. However you don’t want someone looking inside the camera housing and why should you. So each housing is supplied with security screws to fix through the compression latches to ensure you can only open it with the correct tool.

Flexibility of Design

We love each and every one of our products, of course we do, but we also understand that perfect for us is not perfect for you. The time lapse camera housing is manufactured in such a way that you can add the occasional hole here and there to make it meet your needs. A bit of sensible good practise won’t harm but just remember if you are doing the same tweaks every time call us, we may be able to do the hard work for you.

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