Secure Room Observation System

The Secure Room Observation System (SROS10) is a digital window into any room where entry can present risk to staff or even to the room occupant.

Protecting staff and promoting positive environments

The SROS10 was designed especially for environments such as police custody or secure mental health facilities. The system allows authorised personnel to see what is going on in a room as part of regular checking or in response to a call to action before deciding if it is safe or necessary to open the door. In facilities that house vulnerable or aggressive persons this is invaluable as it allows a sole member of staff to check on the room occupant rather than having to wait for colleagues to be available before the door is opened. Persons that are under observation are allowed to remain undisturbed especially during sleeping hours.

Automatic creation of observation logs

By connecting the system to an access control network it is possible to create powerful audit logs of any visits to room observation. In many facilities, staff are expected to create manual logs of their interaction with persons under observation. This system is always fraught with the risk of human failure – deliberate or accidental. The system can provide the opportunity to record who opened the front door, when they opened it and how long the door was open for. This creates a very powerful audit log in the case of operational review or even investigations.

Integration with other protection systems

The SROS10 can easily be connected to other protection systems that may be installed in the facility. The use of a nurse call button, for example, on the front panel can trigger alarm responses if there is any problem with the room occupant, saving precious seconds in any emergency.

Secure Room System

Two-way audio

The system facilitates two-way audio allowing staff to listen and speak to the room occupant. This simple interaction can be enough to placate the room occupant until it is possible for a more meaningful contact to be established.

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SROS10 Datasheet  CMD3


Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Room Observation System - Integration

There is no local recording facility as standard in the SROS10.

It is quite straightforward to loop video through the SROS10 to a remote recording device such as a DVR or NVR.

Within reason, pretty much anything.

We have designed the SROS10 to be flexible enough to have a number of other functions to be activated from its front panel. Lights, remote alarms, local alarms, tour acknowledgements etc can all be triggered from a customised front panel to your requirements.

Just let us know what you want and we will work with you to deliver a coherent solution that works for you application.


We can provide a latching or momentary switch that connects to a nurse call system that, when pressed, will trigger a suitable alarm.

No, absolutely not.

The SROS10 can be installed using a local locking system activated by a key fob or any other number of devices.

By not having an access control system you lose the logging facility of course as you will not know who and when went to SROS10 monitor. There are alternatives. We work with BG Systems, developer of the iMan system. This system can be configured to record and log all kinds of actions and reactions such as the SROS10 door being opened, alarms being triggered, alarms being acknowledged etc.

For more information contact our sales department.

Yes, within reason. Analogue must go with analogue, IP/HD similarly.

Most applications for the SROS10 will see it installed monitoring a room occupant who is volatile or at risk in some way to themselves or members of staff. A camera that is appropriate for that room and room occupant must be chosen carefully. The CMD range of cameras is ideal for those types of applications.

The SROS10 can also be used in less challenging environments of course. Facilities where patient dignity or privacy is highly valued above other issues might see you be able to choose a more traditional camera.

Secure Room Observation System - Installation

The standard analogue SROS10 unit would require a video (RG59 for example), a pair for power and a pair for the audio.

We are able to supply a transmission kit to allow you to do this with a single CAT5/CAT6 cable if this is easier or most cost effective.

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Secure Room Observation System - General


All our products are designed by us on Solidworks 3D CAD software. We can provide you with simple PDF line drawings (some available on the site already) or any number of other formats including DXF, DWG, eDrawing etc.

Email with your requirements and we will see how we can help.

We manufacture in the UK and sell to systems integrators throughout the world. If you have a preferred supplied of building systems feel free to get them to contact us. We will work with them and you to ensure your functional expectations are met.

If you don’t have an existing supplier of these services or are simply not sure please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our partners.

Not yet.

We anticipate having an HD version in Q1 2017.

Secure Room Observation System - Functional

The SROS unit does not have its own privacy features but the CMD3 and the CMD3-IP both have privacy masking features allowing certain areas of the room (maybe the toilet for example) to be blocked out.

The basic design of the unit ensures that the room occupant can only be viewed by persons who are authorised by key fob etc. When installed on a ward corridor, for example, the metal door covering the monitor protects the room occupant’s privacy.

In its standard analogue format it does.

In Q1 2016 we will be releasing a version of the CMD cameras with built-in speakers to allow the SROS10 to work with 2-way audio with the room occupant. Alternatively you can use a suitable speaker in the room separate to the camera.

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