Four-Camera CCTV Washer Unit


The WA25-4 washer is a unique offering from ITS Products that delivers an elegant solution to a simple but common installation scenario; multiple cameras at the top of a column or similar mount.

Four-camera washer

Traditionally the solution would have been four individual washer units makes demands in terms of space, maintenance and cost. The WA25-4 solves this challenge with one simple package ready to connect directly to your cameras.

  • Unique four-camera washer system
  • Twenty-five litre water capacity
  • Control each camera separately
  • Low-water float switch
  • Low-water alarm feature
  • Suitable for IP and analogue cameras
  • 316 grade stainless steel construction
  • UV-resistant water reservoir
  • 12-metre pumping head height
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Two-year warranty

Historically, a PTZ dome would have been used to view a 360-degree circle. With four fixed high-resolution IP cameras, that same circle can be covered with no chance of missing an event while the camera is pointing the ‘wrong’ way. Preserving the quality of image is essential and using a WA25-4 washer unit can form a crucial part of the system integrity. Why have millions of high-resolution pixels when they are obscured by dirt and grime?

Datasheet WA25-4 Datasheet
Manual WA25-4 Manual