High-Lift CCTV Washer

High-Lift CCTV Washer

The High-Lift WA series CCTV camera washer is designed and manufactured in the UK. Designed specifically to reach cameras that are mounted up to 30m above the washer unit.


  • Protects camera image quality
  • Reduces camera maintenance intervals
  • Extends lens life
  • Simple installation
  • Fitted with float-switch
  • Control via analogue or IP systems
  • Optional RS485 control
  • Low-water alarm output
  • Suitable for corrosive environments
  • Standard frame 316 grade stainless steel
  • Capable of pumping 30m vertically
  • Supplied with hose and washer jet
  • 220-230vac
  • Two-year warranty


WA25-30 Washer Datasheet   WA25-30 Install Manual

The WA25-30 CCTV washer forms a critical part of any CCTV installation where there is dirt or atmospheric contaminates. Without the use of a washer (and wiper) picture degradation starts from the very first day on installation.

The WA25-30 CCTV washer have been designed with ease of installation and minimal service overhead in mind. The plug-in connectors allows the water bottle to be removed from the cradle and taken elsewhere for filling up. This is not just convenient but where the washer is installed near other electrical equipment an absolute necessity.