New multiple-camera washer

With the growth of high-resolution (HD) cameras customers, can now consider multiple fixed cameras as an alternative to a pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera.

The advantage of four cameras covering a 360-degree circle instead of a single PTZ is that the whole circle of view will always be covered with no risk that the camera will be pointing in the wrong direction when an incident happens.

Having a CCTV screen washer is always advisable for fixed camera installations especially ones protecting industrial sites such as power generation facilities. Contaminants in the air can easily attach themselves to the camera housing screen and spoil the high-quality images the system was designed to produce.  Having four cameras at the top of the column like the one illustrated to the right would previously have required having four washers, four bottles to fill and four units to cable to. The WA25-4 consolidates four uniquely controllable screen washers into a single unit. So reducing the amount of space taken and making installation a whole lot easier.

Each camera can be selected for wash, which makes the process more efficient. Additionally, the unit has a low-water alarm output which (when suitably connected) will alert the user that water is required.

Manufactured from high-quality 316 stainless steel, the WA25-4 is available now from ITS Products and details can be found here.