ITS Products make range available in BIM format

ITS Products has made its range of security and CCTV products available in a BIM (Building Information Modelling) format for customers working in the building design and construction industry.

CMD3 anti-ligature camera

BIM involves creating a digital representation of a product or element of a building that allows it to be ‘fitted’ within an overall architectural design.  The big advantage with using a BIM file at the design stage is that it highlights potential problems, clashes and inaccuracies that otherwise would not be recognised until the building is being finally realised. At this point rectifying the problem will be expensive.

BIM software is widely used in critical national infrastructure (CNI) transport systems, custody and secure estates. It allows architects and consultants to build their design in a virtual world with confidence that when the project is realised it will perform and look as they wanted.

BIM files contain all kinds of product and vendor information which can be included in the specification documents for both tendering and procurement. This shortens the process of realising the project between the architect’s vision and the installer, and obviously reduces the chance of errors and misunderstandings.

Due to their popularity in the police custody market only ITS’s CMD3 anti-ligature cameras have been available in BIM but recently the whole range has been modelled into the format and the BIM data is now available upon request.

ITS Products is able to adapt BIM database information to client needs and if you require more information please contact us.